Phyllis Diller RIP

PhyllisDillerMet Ms. Diller on a CNN assignment in 89. She was starring in “Nunsense” at the Geary Theater in San Francisco. During the interview she mentioned living in Alameda, CA, with Fang. When we were done shooting the interview I mentioned that I’d worked at the Alameda Times Star, daily newspaper prior to going into tv work. She asked if a certain Society Page editor still worked there. “Oh yeah,” I laughed, then in perfect synchronization we both said, “Big fish in a small pond!” and had a good laugh. Phyllis had worked with the same editor in the 50’s, who always slurred that line when she’d had a few too many covering small town society.

She was a great, funny lady. Real, no attitude. I heard she became a painter and was making good money selling her canvases. Time to break out a Diller record. I have a few on vinyl. Adios you wacky broad.


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